General terms and conditions for entering an Escape room

1. The current terms and conditions which are described in this document govern the conduct of participating in an “Escape room” (referred below as “the game”), governed and organised by OFFLINE Entertainment LTD, VAT 20329396, with registered office of govern in Sofia, Bul. Acad. Ivan E. Geshov 2, represented by the director of the company – Georgi Petrov Papucharov (referred as “the organiser” in the document below).

2. The game is conducted in a specially designed for the purpose room, and the following terms and conditions must be followed.

3. Every participant in the event has to stick to the existing rules in conducting the game for the interest of the common safety throughout the whole game.

4. The organiser of the game does not take any responsibility for incidents of any kind, which can occur during the time of the event, in case a participant is not following the terms and conditions, described in this particular document or in case of bringing in items which can cause damage to the other participants or the equipment.

5. For participants under the age of 18, a declaration from a parent or guardian is required. Participants between the age of 13 and 17 are allowed to participate in the game, but only under the condition that they are accompanied by another participant who is above the age of 18. In order for participants under the age of 12 to participate in the game, it is required for another adult to pay the required sum in their stead.

6. In the course of the game, pregnant women, participants with cardiovascular problems, and also participants who are suffering from hypertonia and/or claustrophobia are not allowed to join. The organiser of the game does not bare any responsibility for incidents with participants who take part in the game regardless of their medical condition.

7. The game lasts maximum one astronomical hour (60 minutes). During any one session of the game no less than 2 and no more than 6 people can attend. The participants cannot expand the 60 minute time limit.

8. If any of the participants experience medical or other issues during the game, and are not able to continue, he/she should be accompanied by one or more of the other participants. In this case, annulment of the game is not strictly required – should they like to,the rest of the participants can resume the game. In case of an incident or a serious medical condition, a representative of the organiser of the game can make the decision to cancel the game.

9. If the participants need to quit or postpone the game, they can reschedule in the next 24 hours before the set date and time. If the participants fail to do so, they will owe a penalty of 50% of the required sum to enter the game to the owner of the room. If the participants are late with 15 minutes or more from the start of the booked time, the session cannot be changed to a different date and time.

10. The participants of the game are required to use the equipment in the game room with care and caution, without the intention of causing damage. The organiser of the game, has all the rights to claim damages from participants, who have caused damage to the equipment in the room either intentionally or due to not following the rules of the game. In case a participant is not following the rules of the game or the instructions given by one of the employees, the organiser has the right to interrupt the game. In this case, the organiser does not owe any compensation to this particular group of participants.

11. The organiser of the game guarantees, that all of the equipment in the premises of the game room are fully insured in case of natural disasters or incidents.

12. In the game area the following is strictly prohibited:

1.   Any kind of activity which can lead to leaking the gaming secrets - taking photos, sound recordings, videos by using portable cameras, mobile phones, portable laptops and any tools of this kind are strictly prohibited from use during the course of the game. The organiser of the room keeps all the rights to request image rights and to request a prohibition of publishing the materials in the Internet, social networks or any kind of sharing methods to any participant who has taken any kind of framework like photo, video, sound recording etc. in the premises of the room;

2.   The importation of items, which can cause damage to the property of the gaming room, also importation, possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages, narcotics or any kind of psychotropic substances on the premises of “OFFLINE Entertainment LTD”;

3.   The participation of people who have used any kind of psychotropic substances of alcohol;

4.   The participation of people with very low level of personal hygiene;

5.   The participation of people who show signs of aggression, have tendencies of causing damage or can induce other participants to cause damage to the property of “OFFLINE Entertainment LTD”.

13. Any kind of information about the Game is a trade secret, which cannot be shared or used outside of the game room in any form. The information received during the course of the game has to remain confidential.

14. Copying, distribution, public display or creating other games that could be considered as derivatives of the game are prohibited. The organiser of the game retains all rights to take legal action against any person who has committed an infringement of intellectual property rights.

15. It is prohibited for any person, directly or indirectly connected, for his own benefit or the benefit of another person, company or corporation, or any other company, other than the organiser of the game, to develop activities which directly or indirectly involve the conduct of the game, and which compete with the activities of the organisers of the game, within two years of getting acquainted with these general terms and conditions. In violation of the prohibition of competition by the participant for that period, the Organiser is entitled to claim compensation under the general procedure.

16. Participating in the game without signing a written declaration of terms and conditions of the game is prohibited.

17. The organiser of the game holds his right to change the terms and conditions of the game at any time.