Why real-life escape rooms?

Escape rooms are successful, because they turn an imaginary situation into a real one. They offer an intriguing challenge, which also has a real physical dimension, and when shared with a group of friends, it is converted into an exclusive social activity.

Partly a game, partly a movie and a teambuilding exercise, the craze about Real Life Escape Rooms has spread worldwide. The growth is explosive. The global number of rooms, from 0 in 2010, grew to more than 3,000 today, according to the leading directories.

From a business point of view, it is an investment in entertainment. It has a high revenue potential, low cost initial investment and short payback and those are just some of the advantages of this industry.

Who are we?

A trustworthy partner. Become part of our family!

Offline Entertainment is one of the most successful Escape Room Companies in Bulgaria, which has won the trust of thousands of customers. Since our launch in March 2015, more than 6,500 people and over 70 companies have chosen us for their entertainment, corporate event or team building.

In the creation of our projects are involved people with long experience in different fields - engineers, movie set creators, software engineers, marketing specialists, psychologists and representatives of the digital game industry - Sirius Software, Zariba Group.

The undeniable popularity of our brand inspired us to develop a franchise in order to assist in the creation of successful entertainment centers by sharing our time accumulated know-how.

What do we offer?

We offer an opportunity for all - from conceptual design of particular theme, to complete implementation and construction of the project. Ideal for hotels, restaurants and attraction owners who are looking for new ways to monetize customer.

A complete construction of an Escape room

Based on a customer's ideas

Do you have an idea for an Escape Room but are in need of a reliable partner for the realization - we can help. We offer an opportunity for creating a room based on your ideas, fully consistent with your requirements and budget - from planning, to construction and operation.

Based on our existing concept

Bet safe. We offer developed, tested and perfectly balanced turnkey solutions for Escape Rooms, you can see and play them live! More information about our finished products below.

Management software

The software consists of three main components: Operator, Client (hint system) and audio system. The Operator is an application on the computer that controls the game. The Client is a computer/monitor/tablet placed in the game’s room, which displays a timer (countdown) and hints. The audio system is an application which controls all the sounds in the game.

External devices can be attached to the software - applications/games for tablets, computers, Arduinos to communicate with the system and perform different functions (Example: USB relay module attached to the application – by solving the game on the tablet, triggers a relay which controls electromagnetic locks or other mechanical devices).

The software provides you with a fully turnkey solution for management of any escape room!

Software key features

  • Fully configurable and customizable
  • Full management of the room and attached peripherals
  • Displays countdown timer - pause, add/remove time
  • Plays pre/post game videos
  • Plays background music - customizable
  • Volume control, play predefined sounds on events
  • Send hints - text or visual
  • Creation of a history log for each game
  • Integration with a website and its reservation system
  • Marking payments, attaching team photos

Website development

We offer a complete solution for an Escape Room website. From reservation processing and time slot booking, to informational pages and connectivity with management software.

Fully dynamic and responsive reservation calendar, promo codes, notifications sent by email, and integration with the most popular payment methods are just some of the incredible functions.

For any questions do not hesitate to contact us!

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